Conference AIS-2008


Elementary processes in the upper atmosphere and ionosphere (section E)
Chair G.V.Golubkov

Reports on the dynamics of the elementary processes with participation of electronically excited and charged particles, including the ionization and recombination, and the processes of the excited state quenching and the microwave radiation action, influencing actively on the living organisms, will be presented. It is formed according to the aerospace measurements at the height more than 100km from the Earths surface and connected with the excitation of Rydberg atoms and molecules. The general attention should be paid to an ambient medium influence on the characteristics of considered processes.

Dynamics of atmosphere aerosols (section A)
Chair A.A.Lushnikov

Reports on the kinetics of the atmosphere charged aerosols and ions with the participation of convection movements, electric fields, a radioactivity, and clasters formed by adgesion of water molecules in the bottom and average atmosphere will be presented. Results of these works give the possibility to estimate the electrophysical parameters of the perturbed atmosphere.

Electromagnetic and optical phenomena in the atmosphere including long-lived and plasma objects (section P)
Chair V.L.Bychkov

10th International Symposium on Ball Lightning (ISBL-08)
3d International Symposium on Unconventional Plasmas (ISUP-08)

In the framework of the section P "10th International Symposium on Ball Lightning (ISBL-08)" and "3d International Symposium on Unconventional Plasmas (ISUP-08)" will take place.

Reports on the lightning and ball lightning generation processes accompanied by the disaster phenomena will be considered. Questions of unconventional plasmas, long-lived objects, their experimental and theoretical modeling will be represented. The dynamics of distribution and interaction of the nanoscaled, large plasma and long-lived formations with the substances and biological objects in the atmosphere will be offered.

Ionosphere dynamics and atmosphere - ionosphere coupling (section D)
Chair V.M.Sorokin

Reports on the following direction of researches will be presented: (i) formation of perturbation sources in the atmosphere and the ionosphere related to disasters phenomena (earthquakes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, technogenic catastrophes, etc.); (ii) ionosphere response to influence of the various origins (electric currents, acoustic waves, radioactivity, ets.); (iii) generation and propagation of the electromagnetic and plasma perturbations in the ionosphere; (iv) satellite and ground based data on earthquake precursors, theoretical modeling of the pre-seismic processes.

Information systems of the environment monitoring and the accident prevention (section S)
Chair L.S. Chudnovsky

The subject of reports cover the following direction of researches: (i) the new tool devices for space researches and monitoring of environment; (ii) increasing of precision measurement of parameters; expansion of the dynamic and spectral ranges of the registered physical fields; (iii) using the new mathematical methods of the data processing; analyses of the experimental data; the new mathematical models design by results of experimental data processing; data analyses of the environment monitoring.

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